12 Week Data Science Mentorship

Get prepared to start your career in Data Science. Live training program in collaboration with Industry professionals.


18+ Hours

Live Training

2+ Projects


What You'll Learn?

○ What is Data Science?

○ Applications of Data Science

○ Why choose Data Science as a carrier?

○ Key Components of Data Science

○ Machine Learning Life Cycle

○ Applications of Machine Learning

○ Types of Machine Learning

○ Python Fundamentals. 

○ Python Data Structures. 

○ File Handling in Python

○ NumPy

○ Pandas

○ Matplotlib

○ Seaborn

○ Data Collection from files (CSV , Excel)

○ Data Collection from Database (MySQL, Sqlite)

○ Data Collection from API’s

○ Data Collection through Web Scraping (BeautifulSoup, Selenium)

○ Data Cleaning and Preprocessing using Numpy and Pandas

○ Data Visualization using Matplotlib, Seaborn, Tableau

Statistics for data science and Machine learning

○ Linear Regression

○ Logistic Regression

○ Decision Tree

○ Random Forest

○ Naive Bayes

○ K Nearest Neighbours


○ Clustering

○ KMeans

○ K-Medoids


○ Neural Networks

○ TensorFlow

○ Keras

What will you work on?

Industry Level Projects using the following tech stack

  • Python for Data Science
  • NumPy
  • Data scraping
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib
  • Statistics
  • Excel
  • MySQL
  • Tensorflow
  • Keras
  • Selenium
  • Tableau


Mentorship Features

Live session with Mentor
1. Live session hosted by Mentor

2. Collaborative peer-peer doubt discussions and activities

Practical Execution
3. Practical execution based Assignments and Projects
Industry relevant profile and portfolio
4. Industry relevant Portfolio and Career Counseling 


There will be live sessions hosted by Mentor, recording of every sesion will also be provided to the students.

After Completion of the mentorship there will be companies and opportunities for you to start your career before graduation. 

We have a dedicated Career Assist cell for Students, that focuses on bringing recruiters and arranging Interviews for the Internship/job. knowledge packed sessions from Industry to groom you and to get your professional career started. 

To Join the Mentorship you can enroll yourself by clicking and completing the fee paymeny using “Apply Now” button.

Yes,  No Cost Installment option is Available. To enroll with an installment option submit a “Requst Call Back”.

You can submit your contact details to get a call back from our Student academic counselors  who will clear your doubts and get you enrolled in the mentorship.